How Healthy are your IT Systems?

Even if your IT systems are currently working well, how do you know that you are getting the best performance and results from them? Perhaps they're a few years old; is the person who set them up originally still around? Is the system documented? Backed up onsite AND offsite? Do you have a TESTED and PROVEN disaster recovery plan?

It is easy to become complacent when things are working. But, just like you service your car, your IT needs regular servicing too. If you haven't been pro-actively maintaining your IT, e.g. just getting problems looked at after something fails, then things may just be hanging together by a thread, and ready to fail at any time. Or, you just might not be getting the best performance or flexibility.

Let us check and assess the health of your systems - only then you will know exactly what condition your IT system is in.

In the course of an hour or two, we will visit your office, meet with you and your staff and conduct an extensive review of your current IT systems. We will then prepare a written report that reviews the strengths and weaknesses of all your IT systems, indicates your level of compliance with best industry practices, and discusses any necessary or recommended improvements.